▷7 Tips To Create Feature Wall With Artificial Turf In Poway

How To Create Feature Wall With Artificial Turf In Poway?

7 Tips To Create Feature Wall With Artificial Turf In Poway

An emerging home design trend is the use of artificial turf to create a feature wall. This versatile material is gaining popularity for its adaptability, low maintenance, and the unique aesthetic appeal it brings to spaces. Here are seven practical tips to create your very own feature wall using artificial turf:

  1. Not all artificial turfs are created equal. Some varieties are more suitable for walls than others. Look for turf that is lightweight, flexible, and has shorter blades for a more realistic look.
  2. Just like any wall treatment, surface preparation is key. The wall should be clean, dry, and smooth. You may need to use an underlay or some form of protective barrier if you’re working with a wall prone to dampness.
  3. Accurate measurements are crucial. Measure your wall area and cut the turf accordingly. It’s recommended to leave a little extra on all sides, which can be trimmed later for a perfect fit.
  4. As turf is relatively heavy, it needs a robust adhesive. Consider a high-quality, outdoor-grade adhesive that can withstand the weight and is resistant to moisture.
  5. Start applying the turf from the top of the wall. Press firmly to ensure proper adhesion and remove any air pockets. Use additional fixings like staples or nails if necessary.
  6. If your wall is larger than a single roll of turf, you’ll need to blend the seams. Ensure the grass blades face the same direction and use turf tape to make seams invisible.
  7. Although artificial turf is low maintenance, occasional cleaning is necessary to keep your wall looking fresh. Dust and gently clean with a soft brush or a cloth.


Can Artificial Turf Damage The Walls?

No, if installed correctly, artificial turf does not damage walls. However, use a protective underlay if you’re concerned about potential dampness.

How Long Does Artificial Turf Last On Walls?

Artificial turf is highly durable and can last for several years on walls, depending on the quality of the turf and maintenance.

Is It Difficult To Remove Artificial Turf From Walls?

Removal is relatively straightforward, but depends on the type of adhesive used. In general, it can be peeled off and any residual adhesive can be removed with a suitable solvent.


Creating a feature wall with artificial turf is an innovative way to add a splash of greenery to your interiors or exteriors, contributing to a lively and vibrant aesthetic. This low-maintenance, cost-effective, and sustainable option is an excellent alternative for those who want to bring a touch of nature into their homes without the hassles of real plant care. Keep the above tips in mind and let your creativity run wild to craft a stunning artificial turf feature wall. For more information, contact Artificial Grass Poway at (858) 260-3363.